Full Time

Core Responsibilities

  • Perform sales closing for low, mid and high ticket sales.
  • Familiarize with company product and service offers so as to convoy accurate information to prospects
  • Handling pre-, during and post- sales processes
  • Make use of CRM system to manage and track sales processes
  • Lead nurturing and prospecting
  • Capture & report sales data
  • Constantly innovate sales dosing techniques & methodology that drives improved sales and revenue
  • (For future progression to a sales coordinator role) - Closing team building and leadership, Scouting for talents, Sales team training
  • Engagement with potential partners for collaborations including university clubs (students) and other educators (whitelabel)


  • Strong command of written and spoken English and Mandarin
  • Possess sales skills for low-mid-high ticket tiered products/services
  • High energy & confidence - offer, sell and handle objections with finesse
  • Able to follow systems but quick on the feet to be flexible
  • High EQ - able to connect and empathize with clients/prospects fast
  • Have guts to do cold calling
  • (For Sales Coordinator Role): Ability to systemize methodology & techniques to replicate successful results in others


  • Possessing belief & conviction in selling Trading & Investment courses and services
  • Gritty - willingness to face rejections/stumbles and take it to stride for improvement
  • Honest & have integrity - sell from a space of value, not simply to get more sales
  • Active learner - willing to reflect, learn and take action step towards improvement continuously
  • Able to work under pressure and uncertainties in the volatile climate; loves adventure & challenges
  • Follows through tasks & projects with excellence; thorough and attentive to details
  • Critical thinking & problem solver - you make things work through creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation
  • Able to give and receive constructive criticism.
  • Always striving for Excellence & delivering WOW experiences to teammates, partners, and clients
  • High sense of ownership on what you take on; invested in success of projects you’re in charge of
  • Proactive team player, a self-starter
  • Energizer and supportive team player